Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Relic--Keel Pedal

Yeah this is the first article of Relic MTB

yes i do know all of you want to ask
what is Relic?

to explain in words Relic means something from ancient times
but our Relic is not about those $hit that have to dig from someone's backyard
it's all about machine works
drillings, shavings, polishings, then repeat and repeat and repeat
not only make it looks good
but also make a perfect balance between weight& strength

now we are introducing our new product:

KEEL pedal

all the holes on it are made by CNC machine one after another
a pair weight around 522 grams
yeah we know it's not a lightweight pedal
but when it comes to strength
it's probably one of the strongest pedal we've ever made
with only 19mm of thickness

will be release soon

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