Thursday, December 14, 2017

Drop Angel Chain Catcher

Drop Angel chain catcher will never make dropped chain as the road riding. It is easy to install, professional widget for road bike.
1) Material: AL6061 T6, w/2 bolts (M5)
2) Length: 100mm
3) Weight: 10g
4) Color: Black / Orange / Red

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Have you found suitable cycling mount already?  Relic provides the mounts for your cycling options.

GP-F Combo Mount
Mount on handlebar for Garmin & GoPro.
Material: AL6061 T6
Barbore: 31.8mm
Weight: 72g (w/o adaptor)
Adaptor: 25.4 and 22.2mm
Color: Black

 PRO-F & R (front & rear mount)
 Compatible for GoPro (F: bar R: saddle rail)
 Material: AL6061 T6
 Barbore: 31.8mm
 Saddle rail: 7mm
 Weight: 53g (front), 53.5g (rear)
 Color: Black

  Cateye Computer Mount
  Material: Nylon Fiber
  Barbore: 31.8mm
  Weight: 19g
  Shim: 25.4 and 22.2mm
  Color: Black, Green, White


Monday, September 18, 2017


*Convert multiple speeds to single speed
*Compatible for Shimano 9, 10, 11 speeds
*Smart device with 16T & 18T sprockets

1) Materials: AL7075 spacers and Cr-moly sprockets
2) Include: Two spacers, 16T & 18T, and a lock ring
3) Colors: Black and Red

Sunday, September 10, 2017

ELS stem

Extreme Light Stem (ELS) for enduro to XC bikes, and super short 35mm extension steady the handling.

Monday, August 7, 2017

52T or 50T +16T SPROCKET

Upgrade Shimano rear derailleur system by Rekuc 52T or 50T sprocket, the epic 52T or 50T provide more cassette range and are compatible with 11 speed drivetrain fro SGS and GS M7000(SLX)/M8000(XT)/M9000(XTR), sprocket 11-40/42T; the 16T sprocket performs well-shifting in the cassette progression, all new combitation reaches the super mega range gear ratio for optimum performance.

1) Material: AL7075 full CNC (52T or 50T), Chrome Steel (16T)
2) Cassette Progression:
 11-13-16-19-21-24-28-32-37-42-spacer-50T or 52T
3) Sprocket weight: 50T (122g), 52T(126g), 16T(19.5g), spacer(2.5g)
4) Compatibility: For Shimano 11 spd drivetrain, 11-40/42T cassette for M7000(SLX), M8000(XT) and M9000(XTR).  11 speeds only.
5) Kit includes: 52T or 50T, 16T and spacer
6) Color: Black(52T & 50T), CP(16T)

Friday, July 21, 2017


Ease your Road bike racing to uphill without any sour legs, simply keep your
Shimano and install Relic R40T Sprocket to upgrade Shimano road derailleur to get mega range gear ratio.  The oversized R40T Kit combination with 16T not only work smoothly but also upgrade Shimano 10 spd cassette with a 28T cog or 11 spd cassette with a 32T cog.

1) Sprocket Material: AL7075 T6 CNC (R40T), Chrome Steel (16T)
2) Cassette Progression: Shimano 10 spd (11-28T) & 11 spd (11-32T)
3) Sprocket Weight: R40T(56g), 16T(19.5g), Road extend hanger(11g)
4) Kit includes: R40T, 16T and Road extend hanger 
5) Color: Black(R40T), CP(16T)

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Are you embarrassed as the electric products out of battery as you are riding?  Now, Relic could help to overcome the situation.  The Relic UCHC, USB Charger on Headset Compress, acts as an expander for use as an internal headset compress and combines the battery function together, so the power bank hides inside the A-HEAD stem compress to keep a clean and utility bar.  UCHC not only preloads plug on forks steerer, especially for carbon steerer, but also lets riders full of energy all the way riding.

1) Headset size: 1-1/8" headset expander plug
2) Battery capacity: Samsung 3000mAh
3) Input: 5V 1A
4) Output: 5V 1A
5) Battery weight: 59.3g
6) Expander plug: 63.9g
7) Color: Black