Friday, November 12, 2010


Relic prides itself at being a rockstar when it comes to making CNC products with the bling factor. We make irresistible stems with incomparable strength to weight ratio. Even Thor would have a hard time to crackling lightning at these products.

Currently we have two models in our product line.

Meet the spectacular Spear and the awesome Armor. They are both from the same gene pool but were created to be two different animals for different types of riding that all of you out there do. 

The Spear comes in at 162.5 g (90mm length) and is meant for those that want to improve the aesthetics of their Cross country or All-Mountain ride. It's available in anodized Black/ Red/ Gold.

The Spear wasn't meant to be just another looker with a good paint job, but also to be light and stealthy enough to penetrate the opponent's heart. Made from a solid block of 6061 alloy, we then machined heavily around the face plate region to save unnecessary weight. 

Coming in at 70 mm and 90 mm lengths, we feel we have all the lengths to meet what you need and want. 

The Armor is our 187 g monster of a stem designed for intense abuse and whether you're taking it to the heart of the mountains or the heart of urban centers.

Designed for ruggedness for both DJ, SJ and DH riding in mind, we built this baby to be burly and stout. Just looking at the size of this thing will appall your friends and their girlfriends. Nevertheless, we CNCed the stem to not compromise its superior strength. 

The Difference
So what are the differences between the two models? One is for rugged heavy duty activities that will put your whole bike through hell and back and back to hell again the next day and the day after that. Speed is not your concern but strength. The other model, Spear, is meant for speed. It's strong also so don't think it won't win it's share of wrestling matches too. It's designed with the rider wanting a more stable ride at speed hence the length of the stems. It's designed to be light and to blaze those trails at speed with an emphasis on hot looks. Don't be just fast but look fast too right?

Final Thoughts
You ready to ride? You ready to roll? Both models will surely make your outdoor adventures and competitions a helluva more enjoyable. Both Spear and Armor are excellent models to use and have their own place whether you're doing heavier riding or lighter more speed oriented courses. Either way they are beautiful components to add some bling factor to your ride and make your friends uber jealous.


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