Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Relic 46/48T+18T SPROCKETS

Relic 46/48T sprockets provide more cassette range, and are compatible with Shimano 11-speed drivetrain for XT/XTR, sprocket 11-40/42T; the 18T sprocket performs well-shifting in the cassette progression, the new combination reaches the super mega range gear ratio for optimum performance.

1) Material:AL7075 T6 (46T/48T), Chrome Steel (18T)
2) Cassette progression:
3) Sprocket weight: 92g (+3)
4) Compatibility: For XT/XTR 11-40/42T cassette. 11 speeds only
5) Color: Green (46T)
             Bronze gold (48T)
             CP (18T)

1)     Assemble the Relic 46T or 48T sprocket first
2)     Put on the Aluminum Spacer
3)     Reassemble all sprockets except 17T and 19T sprockets, which to replace the 18T sprocket
4)     The above conversion reaches to best cassette durability.

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