Friday, July 21, 2017


Ease your Road bike racing to uphill without any sour legs, simply keep your
Shimano and install Relic R40T Sprocket to upgrade Shimano road derailleur to get mega range gear ratio.  The oversized R40T Kit combination with 16T not only work smoothly but also upgrade Shimano 10 spd cassette with a 28T cog or 11 spd cassette with a 32T cog.

1) Sprocket Material: AL7075 T6 CNC (R40T), Chrome Steel (16T)
2) Cassette Progression: Shimano 10 spd (11-28T) & 11 spd (11-32T)
3) Sprocket Weight: R40T(56g), 16T(19.5g), Road extend hanger(11g)
4) Kit includes: R40T, 16T and Road extend hanger 
5) Color: Black(R40T), CP(16T)

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