Thursday, July 14, 2016


Are you embarrassed as the electric products out of battery as you are riding?  Now, Relic could help to overcome the situation.  The Relic UCHC, USB Charger on Headset Compress, acts as an expander for use as an internal headset compress and combines the battery function together, so the power bank hides inside the A-HEAD stem compress to keep a clean and utility bar.  UCHC not only preloads plug on forks steerer, especially for carbon steerer, but also lets riders full of energy all the way riding.

1) Headset size: 1-1/8" headset expander plug
2) Battery capacity: Samsung 3000mAh
3) Input: 5V 1A
4) Output: 5V 1A
5) Battery weight: 59.3g
6) Expander plug: 63.9g
7) Color: Black

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