Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eurobike 2010 and New Seat Clamp (C-clamp)!!!

Hey Everyone!
Sorry it's been a busy new year so haven't updated the blog in a while but finally things are clearing up so finally for an update.

It's already July! So that means in less than 2 months, Relic will be off to Eurobike again! Being held in Friedrichshafen, Germany, the party promises to be even bigger than last year with already 1000+ exhibitors booked to present their new products. So practically everyone related to the two-wheel bicycle industry will be there so PLEASE! Come visit us at booth B4-510.


So finally, introducing our new product. It might be small, it might be one of the last parts you're thinking to upgrade. Just remember if you do decide to, your friends will definitely be uber jealous. 

Introducing the new C-clamp.

We forged the C-clamp and then we machined it even further to reduce the weight to 22 GRAMS! That's damn light even by lightweight standards.

Then we painted it with one of our four colors piquant with a distinctive sandblasted finish. Look good, feel good and definitely strong enough for all the obstacles you can throw at it. Relic designed and coming to a bike shop near you!

Forged and Machined Seat Clamp
Single Bolt CNC Aluminum
Size: 34.9 mm or custom size by order
Weight: 22 grams including alloy bolt
Colors: Orange, Red, Yellow and Black
Anodized Sandblasted Finish

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