Tuesday, August 3, 2010

THE PROP HUBS: Swiss Army Knives of MTB HUBS

We've got one more month till EURO BIKE!!!!!!
We're excited to be at the party and intend to show off our sizzling products for the coming season. In the mean time let's talk about one of our latest products….The Prop Hubs.

The Prop hubs are Relic's all-in-one do-it-all multi-dimensional hubs. Besides coming in two hot two-tone anodized colors, we provide the necessary parts to have it converted to almost any off-road wheel you can think of. These are practically the swiss-army knife of disc hubs allowing either QR or bolt-on thru axle design to fit any frame, fork or anything else you can think of.

20 mm end caps for front hub.

Versatile 20 mm end caps or standard QR


- All-in-one design to fit any frame and fork.

- Front hub 2-in-1 design can either be 100 mm or 110 mm (20 mm adapter).

- Rear hub 3-in-1 design can either be standard QR, bolt-on axle with 2x 10 mm bolts or bolt-on axle with 2x 12 mm bolts. 

- Precise CNC to save weight but maintain structural integrity.

Rear hub can run either QR or bolt-on axle to fit any frame spacing.

Bolt-on axle available either in 10 mm or 12 mm

Sexy pieces of CNC material RrrrRrRrrrr...

Available in anodized black on red or black on gold

Check out www.relicmtb.com for more specs!

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  1. i just came in possession of a new set of hubs from Relic and i like them a lot. The hubs are Relic Harsh..and my problem starts here: i can't find anywhere some specs for this hubs that can help me to calculate the lenght that i need for my spokes. As you know there are a lots of programs to calculate the lenght of spokes needed to construct a wheel but you have complete in there a few info's like flange distance (left and right), hub diameter etc and i don't have this and also i can't find anywhere those informations. Now please be kind enough to give me this specs because for shure you know them or i can give you my Rim diameter that is 548 and if you want to calculate for me and let me know what spokes do i need for rear and front wheel will be awesom. Thanks in advance and i hope you can help me as fast is possible. Have a great day!